An Overview Of Different Types Of Salmon From Scotland

An Overview Of Different Types Of Salmon From Scotland

If you are someone who loves food and appreciates the taste of quality seafood, then Scottish salmon must be on your radar. Scotland has a wide variety of salmon with each type having unique flavor characteristics. From wild caught salmon to farmed Atlantic Salmon, no matter what your preference is, there’s something for everyone! In this blog post, we will provide an overview of the various types of fish from Scotland that make up the amazing array of tastes and textures when it comes to Scottish Salmon. Get Ready to indulge in some deliciousness at its finest!

Farmed Salmon

Scotland is known for its world-renowned salmon, which come in a variety of types. Farmed salmon made up the majority of the country’s production, with more than 90% of all salmon being farmed. This type of salmon is produced in large fish farms, where the fish are raised in pens and fed a special diet. Wild-caught salmon, on the other hand, make up only a small portion of Scotland’s total production. These fish are typically caught using traditional methods like gillnets or longlines, and they tend to be higher in quality due to their natural diet and environment.

Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon is one of the most popular types of salmon from Scotland. It has an intense flavor and a firm texture that makes it an excellent choice for grilling and smoking. Atlantic Salmon can also be found canned or smoked and sold as lox or smoked sides, as well as fresh fillets for cooking at home.

Shetland Salmon

Another type of Scottish Salmon is the species known as “Shetland”: a smaller and lighter-colored fish that is prized for its delicate flavor. Shetland Salmon can be found fresh, smoked or canned, but it usually cannot be bought farmed because of the difficulty in raising them in captivity.


Mowi Salmon

One more type of Scottish Salmon is called “Mowi“: this particular species has a bolder taste than either Atlantic or Shetland Salmon. It grows larger than both other varieties and also has a firmer texture when cooked; Mowi Salmons can often be found fresh at high-end restaurants.

Steelhead Trout

Lastly, there is Steelhead Trout which has similarities to salmon but originates from different rivers; this type comes with an even lighter flavor profile than other types of Scottish Salmons – making it perfect for dishes such as sushi and sashimi.

In Conclusion

Regardless of what type you choose to purchase or cook, Scottish Salmon will always offer unparalleled flavor that makes it stand out among other seafood offerings around the world. From Atlantic to Mowi to Steelhead Trout – Scotland offers some truly unique varieties that are sure to delight any palate.

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